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a real american hero


Media Strategy - We Does Not Have It: Chris & Jill X & Zero






Steel Ball Run at Katsucon!

cr: battletendencies

I want to see someone look at this picture with no prior knowledge to try to figure out what this manga is about.


if i had to guess, time travelers? everyone’s dressed in completely different outfits, but a lot of them are futuristic

and then there’s jesus

so…time travel wars within Christendom?

l want to frame that guess and hang it on my wall

you guys……you guys

Shinsekai Koukyougaku
Artist: Sayonara Ponytail
Plays: 351



My monotonous everyday life
Took on a new hue
A part of me always wished for that to happen
But when it actually did
I was too scared to act
That’s a secret, okay?

Trembling alone
I miss you so much
If only I could tell you that I’ll always be on your side
We could be invincible!

When we take flight, we’ll do so together
We’ll make a stand
I don’t want to go back
To being the bumbling coward I was
Every little thing will come together
To give us great strength
That’s how I feel right now.


I was watching a commentator play some Resident Evil 6 and then

# me